Danica’s Got A New Car

Don’t worry guys (and gals); she’s here to stay.

Back in April, long-time sponsor of Danica Patrick, GoDaddy, announced they would not be returning as the primary sponsor for Patrick’s car in 2016 (they will stay on as a personal sponsor so her streak of ‘most consecutive Super Bowl commercial appearances’ might continue on).

GoDaddy, a global online domain registrar serving more than 13 million customers in 37 countries, plans to shift their focus toward small business and international markets. An associate sponsor of Patrick’s in 2007 and then primary sponsor starting in 2010, the company made the transition from IndyCar to NASCAR when she first dabbled in stock cars in 2010. It has been said that Patrick has helped grow the company’s brand awareness by 81% domestically according to a USAToday post.

With sponsorship being one of the most important items on a race teams checklist each season, searching for a new one, especially branching out to companies new to NASCAR, can be tough. Besides the loss of sponsorship, Patrick’s contract with Stewart-Haas Racing was up for renewal at the end of the season as well.

In an announcement yesterday, Patrick and Tony Stewart unveiled the new primary sponsor for the No.10 Chevrolet. Nature’s Bakery joins Stewart-Haas Racing and Danica Patrick for 28 races in 2016.

Nature’s Bakery is a health food company specializing in fig bars. From the press release, “Nature’s Bakery was founded in 2010 by the father-and-son duo of Dave and Sam Marson with a mission of making delicious, convenient, on-the-go snacks that complement health-conscious living and active, everyday lifestyles. Their lineage in the food industry can be traced back to the 1960s when Dave’s father, Richard Marson, opened a family bakery. Growing up in the bakery, Dave passed his passion and skills along to his son, Sam, whereupon the two combined their knowledge and entrepreneurial spirit to form Nature’s Bakery.”

“Danica Patrick is one of the most fit and health-conscious drivers in all of racing and she embodies the Nature’s Bakery customer,” said Dave Marson, founder of Nature’s Bakery. “We make great products that complement Danica’s lifestyle and the always on-the-go environment in which she competes. Nature’s Bakery provides ‘Energy for Life’s Great Journeys’ and we’re very proud to embark upon this NASCAR journey with Danica and Stewart-Haas Racing.”

Patrick, whose Instagram and Twitter are filled with health food pictures and yoga videos, has been recognized for her health and fitness. An avid CrossFit enthusiast, Patrick said that Nature’s Bakery is a perfect fit. ““I feel like our brands align so perfectly, it’s kind of amazing,” Patrick said at the press conference.

Welcome to NASCAR, Nature's Bakery!

Welcome to NASCAR, Nature’s Bakery!

Along with a new sponsorship, Patrick also signed a multi-year deal with Stewart-Haas Racing, saying that her teammates and crew feel more like a family.

In her three full seasons at Stewart-Haas, Patrick has six top-10’s and one pole position which came at the famed Daytona 500 in 2013. Currently sitting 21st in points, she’s running better than her fellow driver and boss, Tony Stewart. Patrick is improving with each season and each return to the track.

Looking ahead to 2016, it could be a turnaround year for Patrick. A new sponsor and a new look might be a refreshing change. One thing is for certain; Nature’s Bakery is getting the better end of the deal in this partnership. By signing on with Patrick, they have increased their fan base tenfold. Personally, I had never heard of them before the announcement.

One last tidbit of information for you, minutes after the sponsor announcement, the website for Nature’s Bakery crashed due to the influx of hits drawn in by Patrick.

The power of NASCAR.

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