Championship Runs: Who Is Mathematically Eligible?

Hello everyone.  Very excited to get some open wheel racing out here on The Podium Finish so let’s get right into it.

Yes, the season is almost over, which is very sad but we do have two races left and a champion to crown.  Right now as it sits, Simon Pagneaud has enjoyed a dominant season with four wins under his belt.  For a while, it looked as if no one was going to catch the Frenchman.

Enter Will Power.  After being out for the first race due to what the doctors thought was concussion like symptoms, he has proved that he wants another championship and he wants it now.  It almost looked like Power wasn’t going to do that great this year but he pulled it together to get four of his own wins this year with one of them coming at a race for the return to Road America.

As of present time, Will Power is only twenty-eight points behind Pagenaud with just two races left to go.  However, don’t count out some of the big names like Tony Kanaan or Helio Castroneves.  Both of them sit one hundred and thirteen and one hundred and fourteen points behind the leader respectively.  One wrong move by the leaders and a win involving one of these guys can shake up the points real quick.

Let’s not forget last season when Juan Pablo Montoya looked like he was the man to beat, but one wrong move at Sonoma costed him the championship to Scott Dixon.  This championship is not over until the drop of the checkered flag at Sonoma on October 18th, 2016!

Mandy Winslow

Birthday: May 3rd, 1992 (24)
Hometown: Montgomery, IL

I am Mandy and I am a huge indycar fan with interest in F1 as well. If it is open wheeled chances are I am a fan. My first race every was and Indy 500 back in my freshman year of high school. I was a band kid and we got to go to march the race. Needless to say, I caught the racing bug and have been watching ever since. I enjoy tracks I can camp at as I enjoy hanging out with other fans and waking up trackside.

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