Hinchcliffe Embodies The 1940’s

A blast from the past is what viewers of Dancing With the stars were treated to on Monday night’s era themed show. Each couple this week was given an era from the 1920’s to the 1990’s, along with two team dances. The team dances were the past and the future with the top two highest scoring couples as team captains.

Starting off the show, was a big welcome to Len Goodman who is now back stateside after his brief trip back to England for Strictly Come Dancing. This week, James Hinchcliffe and Sharna Burgess were the last couple to dance. Their Era was the 1940’s to which their dance style was a jitterbug. Viewers were treated to a military theme jitterbug in which James had to dance with a couple of the troupe members.

In the package, we saw Hinchcliffe facetiming with another IndyCar driver, Helio Castroneves who jokingly told Hinchcliffe to “tell Julianne that you’re the best male because you have the best partner. I didn’t have the best partner when I won. You know that must be something.” During dress rehearsal, Burgess injured her knee, but like a true pro, she got out on the dance floor and did her routine.

Hinchcliffe and Burgess Jitterbug via YouTube

Len Goodman outright said that Hinchcliffe was a ”major contender in this competition.” and how he’d have “liked more jitterbug rather than jive.” Carrie- Ann Inaba complimented Hinchcliffe on “the way you immerse yourself like a really good actor that you can’t see the person when they do their role. You do that with every dance.” Julianne Hough commented, enthusiastically, that she “wanted more don’t stop that was amazing! And that’s how you guys dance every single time.”

Bruno Tonioli came out and said “Private James and the Jitterbug brigade are unstoppable. What you put into it is amazing. The mood, the look, the style, the storytelling. It’s cinematic and compelling.” His individual score was a 36 out of 40, tying him with Calvin Johnson and Lindsey Arnold. With the individual round complete, they went right into the video package of picking the teams and the package for team past.

Team Past was the team that Hinchcliffe was captain of doing a Viennese Waltz to an old Scottish hymen written in the 1700’s. Joining the team with Hinchcliffe was Ryan Lochte, Calvin Johnson, and Maureen McCormick. Each Judge was blown away with how in-sync the entire team was and how no one really out shined the others. Their team score was a 38 out of 40 giving Hinchcliffe and Burgess a total of 74 out of 80.

Team Past Viennese Waltz via YouTube

With 4 minutes left of the live show after the other team dance, they called out the bottom two and were quick to say good bye to Maureen McCormick and Artem Chigvintsev. Again, you can get your votes in online through the Dancing With The Stars website, the Dancing With The Stars Facebook page, and by calling 1-800-868-3405 to ensure Hinchcliffe is around to dance another week.

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