Hinchcliffe Heats Up The Ballroom With Rumba

Monday saw the return of one of the most popular theme nights since season one of Dancing With The Stars; Latin Night! Latin Night always brings forth the high energy and highly entertaining dances. With Len Goodman still gone, taking care of his head judge duties on Strictly Come Dancing, Pitbull stepped in to be the guest judge.

Kicking of the night was Pitbull singing a song while the ladies danced in checkered flagged outfits, something we all know James Hinchcliffe is familiar with. After the opening dance, each couple was informed if they were safe or in jeopardy of going home.

This week, Hinchcliffe and Sharna Burgess were one of the first couples to dance compared to weeks prior where they were at the end. They were given the rumba as their dance style, the dance of love and passion with a lot of slow hip movements, which is not something the class clown of the Verizon IndyCar series driver embodies in his day to day life.

The video package was fun to watch as Hinchcliffe wanted to bring out Ricardo again to make it past this Latin dance and Sharna wanting “James to be James”. They did do a quick soap opera-esk video of Ricardo coming into the ballroom and James showing him up before they moved right into the dancing.

Hinchcliffe and Burgess nailed their routine, judging by the comments the judges made. Carrie-Ann praised him for his posture and hold again this week and even went on to say “It was incredible”. Guest judge Pitbull praised him on the chemistry he had with his partner, but since he is no expert on dancing, he was unable to give any notes to work on. 

Julianne Hough went on to say that Hinchcliffe was “Hands down the best male dancer they have ever had on this show”. She did note that she wanted to see more out of his movements. Bruno praised him for his dancing abilities and also thought he had great chemistry (with Burgess), so much so that he “thought he’d win a Nobel Prize for chemistry”.

Tuesday night eliminations are gone and will only return for the finale, meaning that a couple will be leaving every Monday night. In theory, this means the votes and judges scores from the week prior are being used to eliminate a couple. Hinchcliffe and Burgess had enough votes to move on to next week. This week, their scored 38 out of 40 points, the second highest score of the evening.

You can get your votes in online through the Dancing With The Stars website, the Dancing With The Stars Facebook page, and by calling 1-800-868-3405 to ensure Hinchcliffe is around to dance another week.

Hinchcliffe and Burgess Rhumba via TouTube

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