Hinchcliffe Recounts Horrific Crash of 2015

Dancing With the Stars gave us a taste of who these competitors are by having them recount their most memorable year. For James Hinchcliffe, this was the crash in 2015 during a practice run for the Indianapolis 500. For those not aware, Hinchcliffe’s car went into the wall and a part of the suspension went right through one of his leg and out of the opposite side of his hip.

What many might not know is that on the way to the hospital, he had to have his entire blood supply replaced three times before flat lining upon entering the operating room. His doctor alerted the public, which can be seen in the video package, that the survivor rate of something like that is zero and that he didn’t think Hinchcliffe would be driving let alone dancing in under two years.

Bruno had nothing but praise to give him for taking the time to put in the pauses that the tango is known to have and not rushing past them. Carrie-Ann Inaba praised him for his hold, posture, and technique saying he was “the one to beat”. Julianne Hough also praised his hold, but had one note for him, saying, “I am going to give you one note. When you move you stop here [gesturing] and I want that much more, and when you go there, I want that much more cause if you do that, you are unbeatable.”

Hinchcliffe scored a 29 out of 30 with partner Sharna Burgess to top the leaderboard for the night. Having a high score is a plus, but many times the best dancer has gone home due to a lack of fans voting their favorite couple through.

Hinchcliffe and Burgess’s Tango via YouTube

In the end, no one was eliminated from the show going into the half way point. You can vote on the dancing with the stars Facebook page, web site, and by calling 1-800-868-3405.

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