Hinchcliffe Scores High With His Broadway Dance

It’s getting closer to semifinals time for Dancing With the Stars and this week was showstoppers night. Each couple had a song from a musical that their routines would be designed around. They had to do a style they had never done before as well and were also challenged with a team up dance with another couple left in the competition. This week the wicked witch herself, Idina Menzel, was there to guest judge. Kicking off this week was Marilu and Derek dancing to a song from The Jersey Boys.

This week say the return of Jenna Johnson as James Hinchcliffe’s partner seeing as Sharna Burgess is still dealing with some pain from her knee injury. She was cleared to dance, but would be at risk of re-injure the knee if she was to step funny or twist it the wrong way. This week, Hinchcliffe was challenged with a jazz routine to A Brand New Day from the hit musical, The Wiz.

Hinchcliffe and Johnson Jazz routine via youtube.

Bruno said “A great wizard and a great dancer, but I have to point out your versatility and skill”, but he did the notice the slight misstep. Carrie-Ann said “what I really applaud is when you came back on stage you came back with a vengeance.” Menzel said “I’d share the stage with you anytime you’re amazing.” Julianne said “I called it in like week three, you should be on Broadway that’s all I’m going to say.”

Their first dance would earn them a 36 out of 40, but they still have one dance left to end the night. Their team up dance was with Calvin Johnson and Lindsey Arnold, which was perfect seeing as they are the last two men left in the competition. They were given a Paso Doble to which they styled it as the old west. Hinchcliffe played the role of the bandit and Johnson the roll of the sheriff.

Hinchcliffe and Johnson team up with Arnold and Johnson for Paso Doble via Youtube.

Training for this one was funny as Hinchcliffe wanted to know why and how his character had become a bandit. It was also funny to see the two male constants having a few bromance moments and laughing during practice. In the end, they were able to get serious and bust out a showstopper of a performance. Hinchcliffe would be safe and moving on to next week’s semi-finals.

Again, you can get your votes in online through the Dancing With The Stars website, the Dancing With The Stars Facebook page, and by calling 1-800-868-3405 to ensure Hinchcliffe is around to dance another week.

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