Trending Topics of NASCAR: Every Penny Counts

Certainly, little Michael Palmer can't wait to use his 2020 NASCAR Fund. (Photo Credit: Michael Palmer/TPF)

Remember growing up and saving your money for something special? Every penny counted.

Look at the social media engagement on this! (Photo Credits: Michael Palmer).

Growing up in today’s society I can safely say that financial literacy skills are not taught to kids enough. However, Michael Palmer took it upon himself to pass down skills his father taught him to his own son. By encouraging his son to save his money, Michael has promised a very special reward.

Little Mikey has been working hard the last few weeks to save for a NASCAR race to any track he wants in the 2020 season! At only 8-years-old, Mikey now has over $400 in his NASCAR fund from helping around the house and completing odd jobs.

Even with offers from the online community to donate money to Mikey’s trip – he is taking it upon himself to raise all the funds he needs!

8-year-old Mikey has over $400 in his NASCAR fund! (Photo Credit: Michael Palmer).

So, what track will he pick? Right now, the choices are tough but are down to the Daytona 500, Coca Cola 600 or Bristol Night race! Tough being 8-years-old and having to work around that thing called school. What race would you choose if you were Mikey?

Mikey has stolen the hearts of many NASCAR Twitter followers throughout his journey of saving money. He even has received special offers from driver’s to join them at his race of choice. Continue to follow Mikey’s story through his dad’s Twitter account @Mikey2082! Go get ’em kid!

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