Terra Talks with Spencer Boyd (Vol. 1)

This season, the monthly journal, “Terra Talks With…” will take a different spin. The focus will be on three drivers from each of the top series of NASCAR, checking in with one a month throughout the season.

First up, from the NASCAR Camping World Truck Series, Spencer Boyd. Raised in the midwest by parents who loved anything outdoors with a motor, Boyd found himself racing four-wheelers by the age of three and dirt bikes by five. From there, the love of racing, and the competition that came with it, was in Boyd’s blood. Now, as he enters his third full-time season in the NCWTS, he provides a fun and unique perspective on the sport.


Team & Organization Expansions

Terra Jones: There has been a lot of news out of Young’s Motorsports leading up to Daytona. It was announced that you and Tate Fogleman would be returning with Kris Wright joining, making it a three-truck organization. Additionally, there was the exciting news of the formation of an ARCA team. It sounds like things are going in an exciting direction over there!  

Spencer Boyd: Yeah! Really exciting stuff over here at Young’s Motorsports. This is my third year, so I feel really fortunate to be here with Tyler Young and his parents – Randy and Becky, who own the team. They’ve invested so much in the sport of NASCAR and have been around for years now. To be a part of it has been a blessing. I’ve been able to win a race, so for me, that’s awesome!

When you look at the expansion back to three trucks, last year, it was just Tate and me, and it was a unique year. To see where the world is going right now and to have Tate and Kris, I think we’re going to have a great season. Obviously, myself, I’ve got the most experience…We’ve been talking about the tracks. And a lot of places, we don’t have practice, so I’ll do what I can to be a good teammate. Tate’s young and hasn’t been to these places, but he’s really fast, and his dad’s given him a lot of advice being a previous Busch Series driver, so it’s great to pull from everyone we have at Young’s.

The ARCA deal is super exciting! With NASCAR acquiring ARCA, I think that made Tyler want to get involved, and his family. We have Toni Breidinger driving, so we have a good group of people, a wide variety of personalities, and I think that’s what makes this so exciting.


Team & Personal Goals

Jones: That is really exciting! In regards to your team specifically, what are some goals for this season, and how do those differ, if at all, from any personal goals you might have?

Boyd: Really, just keep improving. I’ve kind of been a staple in the No. 20 truck and I love it! I love driving here. To get back in victory lane would be amazing. I always look forward to the superspeedways, then working on my craft at the mile-and-a-halfs. Two years now, we’ve been top-20 in points – and that’s important to us throughout the whole year. Just trying to have the best year yet, really. And, I feel like I’m putting myself in the best position. I’ve been working out a lot with Hunter (Smith) at FitStop Performance. We have a lot of new, great partners. So going into 2021, I’d say confidence is at a high.

Determined. Focused. Confident. Spencer Boyd is ready for the green flag to drop on the 2021 season. (Image: Spencer Boyd Racing / Social Media)

Determined. Focused. Confident. Spencer Boyd is ready for the green flag to drop on the 2021 season. (Image: Spencer Boyd Racing / Social Media)


Why Spencer?

Jones: If I’m a new NASCAR fan, tuning in to watch a Truck race for the first time, share three reasons why you’re a driver I could support.

Boyd: (laughing) Well, if you’re a new fan and tuning into Daytona, it’s definitely our Super Bowl! We’re excited to have all these new fans paying attention to NASCAR. Personally, I’ve driven all three series and I feel like the Trucks is a great place to watch, get involved, and find a driver. 

I’m pretty successful at superspeedways, I love that kind of racing. I support a lot of military and veteran-owned companies and made in America products – that’s what I push and my brand. And, I think we have a lot of teamwork lined up for this race. Watching the Nos. 02, 12, and 20 should be fun…but keep a special eye on the No. 20! 

Spencer Boyd’s truck will be easy to spot at Daytona for new and old fans alike. (Image: Spencer Boyd Racing / Social Media)


Jones: Current fans of yours know you’re an avid outdoorsman and, if you will, a social media guru. But do you have a hidden talent they’d be surprised to learn about?

Boyd: Hmmm, a hidden talent. I don’t know. That’s tough! I mean, the outdoorsman…I am a really good shot. So that’s cool! That definitely turns into a competition a lot with my sponsors, even if they’re not into hunting. I try to get them out there, at least shooting guns and having a good time together. But, I always have to win! 

And (laughing) I’m pretty good on the jump rope, but we don’t really post about that!


Looking Ahead While Reflecting

Jones: Really? The jump rope? That is funny! Speaking of social media, you shared on your social media channels a picture from your 2018 driver photo shoot. The caption read, “If I could talk to that kid now!” So, if you could, what would you say? 

Boyd: Last night I saw that picture pop up on Instagram, and you just start rolling through the emotions – of selling cars and not really thinking that you’re going to break into NASCAR.

2018 was my first full-time season, so that was a big deal for me. You know, you think you’re prepared. But I think I would go back and tell myself, “It’s gonna be alright. There’s gonna be a lot of tough times and a lot of uncertainty. But the high of winning a race and being involved with a great organization, it’s going to come full circle. It’s gonna work out.”

In NASCAR, there are so many highs and lows. You lose a lot more than you win than in any other sport. So I’d just tell myself it’s going to be okay!

Jones: And, would that kid listen?

Boyd: Probably not! (laughs) He’d probably freak out and be a smart aleck! Pre-beard, never been to Vegas…I think about the things I’ve done in the last three or four years and I just smile…it’s one of those scenarios that it’s hard to believe that it’s you and you don’t want to wake up from that dream.


Turning to the Track

Jones: The Truck series has a revamped schedule this year. Of the new tracks on the schedule, which one(s) are you most excited to race at this season?

Boyd: Well, I grew up racing road courses. I never drove an oval till I was 13. So I love road courses. I have been on the track at COTA and thought it was a really cool place. I’ve been silently saying, “Man! I’d really like to race there!” So I am really excited about that.

I have zero dirt experience so you can tell I’m super enthusiastic about getting to Bristol. We’ll see how it goes! 

While his helmet emphasizes the lack of experience on dirt tracks, no doubt, Spencer Boyd will give it his all at Bristol. (Image: Spencer Boyd Racing / Social Media)

Learning & Applying

Jones: Finally, what are some valuable lessons you learned on-track last season that you hope to carry over to this season?

Boyd: I’m a guy that loves preparation. I love practice. I think you can never be too prepared. So, when they canceled practice, I was pretty nervous about what it was going to look like and how the first 20-30 laps would go. I feel like I learned to trust myself a little more, to have a little more confidence in those first 20-30 laps.

So, going into this year, I feel like I’ll be able to increase my intensity and make a little more time up in the first quarter of the race. Obviously, this year we know there isn’t going to be a lot of practice – so get comfortable with being uncomfortable.

Actually, make that my quote to myself – “Get comfortable with being uncomfortable.”


Until we talk with Boyd again, be sure to follow him on his various social media channels (Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook). Doing so will give you sneak peeks into his time at and away from the track. Additionally, follow his organization,  Young’s Motorsports, to stay up-to-date on partners and team efforts.


A huge thank you to Spencer Boyd and Young’s Motorsports for being willing to partake in this series. We look forward to bringing a quarterly update to the fans of Spencer’s, YMS, and the sport.

Terra Jones

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