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Chrissi Luttrell

I am a former Radiographer turned NASCAR fanatic and Stay at Home Mom of two wild little boys! My youngest, Ronin, is obsessed with all things NASCAR and dreams of one day becoming a successful driver like his idol Denny Hamlin. I was first introduced to motorsports when I was around 14, and spent almost every weekend at our local dragstrip with my brother and his friends. Most of them owned Mustangs of all different body styles, with a few Camaros and Trans Ams here and there. We started a local mustang group known as "Brevard Mustangs", where we had meet ups, car shows, went to events and races together, and helped each other with the latest car builds. I have had my fair share of Mustangs myself, starting with a 99 35th Anniversary GT, then an 03 Cobra, and ultimately an 04 S281 Saleen that I named Gigi. Writing has always been enjoyable for me, so having the opportunity to write about one of my favorite topics is an exciting and fun opportunity for me to have some "me" time, and take a break from mom life!

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